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ELCSS-HK New Territory Flag Day on January 22 is now going online!

Since the current pandemic situation, to ensure the safety of our volunteers and the public, ELCSS-HK has cancelled the street donation activity of the New Territory Flag Day on January 22, 2022(Sat) and switched to an online flag-appear. The sudden change impacts the fundraising event and carers in the community.

Thanks to all volunteers who have signed up previously. Although the street donation activity has been cancelled, we can still spread the message of "Take Care of your neighbors, Along with You" through the online platform to your network. Let us advocate together about the raising needs and challenges in developing carer services.

You are encouraged to register as an online volunteer by spreading messages to your network through various digital platforms. Every action is of great significance to the carers.

Let’s move on, Stay safe and take care!

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